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Cigars rolled by cigar roller

As places to enjoy cigars became increasingly scarce, the population of Salt Lake City's cigar lovers continues to grow. With new cigar bars in and around SLC, cigars have become a popular feature with this niche group of aficionados.


All of the cigars here are available for all Salt Lake City area events. Also, the cigars rolled at your event will be imported unfinished from the “fabrica” in the Santiago, Dominican Republic. and finished in front of your guests.


 All cigars listed here are 50 ring gauge with the Bull being a big 62 ring bravo and can be included in your inventory for your event with your cigar roller demonstration.




Cigars, CF Dominicana Cigars are imported from the Dominican Republic

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Cigar Rollers


Cigars for S.L.C. Events


Cigar Servers & Custom Cigar Labels

Cigar brands available for S.L.C. events

Custom cigar bands can be designed for each cigar listed here so feel free to inquire and have your artwork ready we have our in-house graphics designers standing by and constantly producing graphics for the event to make the cigar rolling feature compliment you, your company event or on the Big Day of your wedding reception.


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